Smart structures for construction projects and events

A flexible concept for circular spaces to live and work in.

At Kozo, we design and build the space you need now. Fast, reliable and exactly how you want it. A charming country cottage, perhaps, a comfortable starter home, or a home for a large family. Whenever something changes in your life, your house will change with you. A small starter home can grow into a fully-fledged family home and then evolve into a care home. A home office as an annex or a guest house in the garden, anything is possible. Sustainable and innovative real estate that grows with you: good for you and good for the planet.

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A high-quality garden shed or handsome pool house, a yoga studio, home office, small private practice space, guest house or perhaps a compact care unit for a family member. Freestanding or as an extension to a main building, it can be built with any desired amenities. The CABIN model is not subject to complex urban planning procedures, requires no permanent foundations and could therefore be moved if necessary.

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From 50,000 Euros


A charming country cottage in nature with additional accommodation for friends, or perhaps a comfortable home for seniors. The living functions are organised on the ground floor with the possibility of adding a mezzanine. Completion is based on your current wishes, but can be expanded or changed at any time to fit your future needs.

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From 50,000 Euros


Two storeys with a shape that easily integrates into its surroundings. Opt for a compact starter home that can grow with you, or go straight for a fully-fledged family home, perhaps a large second residence or even a ‘kangaroo’ house for two or three generations. We have already worked out a few scenarios for this type of structure, to show you how your house might evolve in the future. 

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From 50,000 Euros
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Paradise City

Tailor-made projects, for a lasting collaboration

Kozo is your partner from A to Z. Stages, catering structures, temporary accommodation facilities and other installations, we turn them into eye-catchers that express the identity of your event. Always unique, dynamic and creative. An eye for detail and a heart for the planet, that's design with impact. 

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What are we about?


In the way we live our lives, we as humans have an enormous impact on the planet. The building sector alone is responsible for 35% of the total waste mountain. Kozo wants to offer a conscious response to this with an efficient and effective use of materials.


Through creativity and constant innovation, Kozo stands for ever more pure simplicity in design, production, installation and use. With quality natural raw materials, economical energy supply and materials that can be relied on, we create a healthy, pure living environment. 


The traditional one-size-fits-all really no longer fits. In order to last longer, architecture needs to become less rigid. Kozo therefore opts for light, compact components and builds in a way that is easily disassembled. Making the spaces larger, smaller or reconfiguring them, it's all possible. Our contemporary modular solutions are easily adaptable at any point in their life cycle.


Kozo is your single point of contact, offering active and hands-on guidance for your entire project. You make the decisions, we’ll make it happen. Thanks to our integrated approach and collaboration with a network of recognised professionals, your project will be completed quickly, every aspect carefully monitored and quality assured. Crystal clear agreements, no surprises and a smooth realisation. Sit back and watch how it will all work out.

Kozo: always a solution in the now

Kozo creates space for what you want. Our modular and circular way of building with freedom of design guarantees sustainability, for every project and every step of the way. There is always a solution in the now. For both individuals and companies, this means you have the space and freedom to realise your ambitions with a small footprint and minimal construction waste. So you too are ready for the future.


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