Circular living and working spaces: for today, tomorrow and all the days that follow.

To the rhythm of life

The needs, wishes and requirements that a house must fulfil change throughout the life of the user. At different times in your life you may need more or less space, or you may want to use it differently.

The Kozo building system gives you the space and freedom to make your own choices and adapt your living and working space to your needs. In this way, over the years you will gain more value from your property and living will become an evolution in which anything is possible. For every family and for every budget.

Kozo quality

Kozo developed a unique, innovative and dynamic system of fixed parts and modules in a skeleton structure that can be combined to form a wind and watertight energy-efficient building shell. Meccano on a life-size scale! In this way, the lifespan of a Kozo construction is extended, we save time and we add economic and ecological value.

Kozo cabin

All elements comply with stability standards and are structurally equivalent to traditional construction methods.

Each project is completed smoothly and efficiently and delivered by recognised professionals in shell form or fully finished 'turnkey'.

The Kozo architecture is refined and modern, with an eye for detail, in a pure and clean volume. Quality, natural materials for the finish complete the picture.

The result is pure and carefree living, with a view of the outside world and the peace that simplicity offers.