Circular living and working spaces: for today, tomorrow and all the days that follow.

Step 1

How do you see your space?

You start by choosing one of the 3 basic packages:

- KOZO FLEX "quickly deployable flexible additions" up to 50m²
- KOZO COMPACT "smart use of space, maximum experience" 50 to 100m²
- KOZO COMFORT " the ultimate living experience" from 100m²

Can't find your preference here? We also work to measure! Please contact us and tell us as much as possible about your requirements.

Step 2

We discuss everything during a live meeting

With Kozo, there are numerous possibilities. We discuss your wishes and dreams in detail, and make choices that take your budget into account. You discover what you want, we’ll make it happen.

Step 3

We get to work

Kozo is your single point of contact, offering active and hands-on guidance for your entire project, from A to Z, with all the necessary partners. We will develop the design and construction plan and assist with the permit application. Then we take charge of the production and execution.

Step 4

Everything is assembled on location

Sooner than expected, it all comes together. We keep everything on track, and then it's all done! Welcome home.

Step 5

A change happens in your life?

Building for change means that adjustments are always possible. Do you need more or less space? Do you want to structure or use that space differently? Contact us and we’ll make it happen.