Choose unique structures that express the identity of your event.

Building and rebuilding

Kozo has developed an innovative and flexible construction system for different types of applications: stages, catering structures, temporary accommodation facilities and other installations.

This modular way of building is time-saving, sustainable and flexible. Less construction waste is produced and transport and storage remain light and compact. And yet, every event is innovative. We build exactly what you need, every time.

Project management

Together, we will draw up a (long-range) plan, for a long-term tailor-made cooperation. Kozo offers advice and takes care of the design, construction, installation and afterwards dismantling and transport to storage.

The same parts can be used in a new and unique design for different editions of your event. You can choose to hire these parts from KOZO or buy them yourself.

"Every event is a statement. A story. Surprising, striking, creative and unique."