Choose unique structures that express the identity of your event.

Step 1

How can we help you?

Rely on us to make your plans come true. Reach out and tell us the basics about your event.

Step 2

We discuss everything during a live meeting

Tell us about your vision and ambitions. With Kozo, there are plenty of options. We discuss your event in detail and make concrete agreements, with a correct budget, a detailed roadmap and project plan or multi-year plan. You know what you want, we’ll make it happen.

Step 3

We get to work

Kozo is your single point of contact, offering active and hands-on guidance for your entire project, from A to Z, with all the necessary partners. In consultation with you, we work out the designs and keep the budget in check, and then proceed with the final construction plans. After that, we take charge of the production and execution. We are happy to meet on site to prepare the installation down to the very last detail.

Step 4

Everything is assembled on location

Sooner than expected, it all comes together. We keep everything on track, and then it's all done! Ready to open the gates!

Step 5

After the event

After the event, all components are carefully and compactly stored, ready for the next event.